2018 SDCC Funko Pop Disney Exclusives

Another round of exclusives have been announced, let’s take a look and see what the 2018 San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) Funko Pop Disney Exclusives will be.


The first in the Disney line to be announced was Funko Pop Skeeter Valentine #415 from the cartoon Doug. Doug was originally a Nickelodeon series that aired from 1991 to 1994. Two years after it ended on Nickelodeon, Disney picked it up and produced sixty-five episodes of Disney’s Doug for ABC’s Saturday Morning lineup from 1996 to 1999. They also produced a major motion picture titled Doug’s 1st Movie that was released after the show ended it’s Saturday morning run in 1999.

This version of Skeeter, of course, comes for Disney’s version of the show. With Disney Skeeter has a slightly different look than from the Nickelodeon version. He has the same shorts and shoes but his shirt was more orange with a large yellow O or circle in the center of it. They also added a blue/purple vest to him. With Skeeter’s blue/turquoise skin color, this figure really Pops (pun intended). The color combination is great and really stands out. I’m definitely a fan of this one even though I didn’t watch the show.

Skeeter Valentine

Kingdom Hearts

We do get one Mickey Mouse in this round of exclusives for the Disney Funko Pop for 2018 SDCC. This Mickey is from the Kingdom Hearts game and is Unhooded Organization 13 Mickey #334. He is wearing the black leather hooded coat, with the hood removed of course, with the silver zipper and silver beaded hood strings. Mickey is also holding a Kingdom Key.

This black leather coat is the uniform for the Organization 13 in the game. They are a group of thirteen Nobodies who are very powerful and are trying to reclaim their hearts so they can be whole again.

Organization 13 Mickey


When I showed these next two to my daughter she said, “I must have them!” She loves the movie Hercules and thought these two characters made for perfect Pops from the movie. For Hercules Funko made Pain and Panic into a 2-Pack Pop figure collection.

Pain and Panic are the side-kick, minion characters in the movie to the main antagonist, Hades. These to shape-shifting imps are not the most loyal or intelligent crew to have on your side. But they create a lot of mischief for Hades and comic relief for the audience.

Pain and Panic


The next Funko Pop for the 2018 SDCC comes to us from the movie Moana and is Neon Tamatoa #421. The neon paint scheme on him comes during the later portion of his song and fight with Maui when he’s trying to get his hook.The sticker on the box also says that this Neon Tamatoa is a glow-in-the-dark figure. He would be really cool looking under a black light as well.

Neon Tamatoa

Wreck-It Ralph

The 8-Bit Funko Pops are a relatively new series that Funko has been putting out. The 8-Bit Pops debuted at the 2017 New York Comic Con with a Batman, Batgirl and Dig Dug. Now the series is growing a little more with two Wreck-It Ralph exclusive Pop coming to SDCC.

Funko is adding an exclusive 8-Bit Ralph #30 and Fix-It Felix #31 to the collection. Shouldn’t it be Fix-It Felix Jr. though? We won’t split hairs about it. I’m still undecided about the 8-Bit series at this point. But if you like them or Wreck-It Ralph, these are two that would be nice to add to your collection.

8-Bit Wreck-It Ralph

8-Bit Fix-It Felix

Incredibles 2

And finally we have Funko Pop Edna Jack-Jack #404 from the Incredibles 2 movie. This one has the body of Jack-Jack in his diaper but the head of a baby-fied Edna, the designer/inventor for the family. The only thing missing are Edna’s large, black framed round glasses that she wears. This one is just too cute.

Some spoilers may be ahead if you haven’t seen the movie yet and still intend to. If you’ve seen any of the trailers for the movie, then you already know that Jack-Jack seems to have multiple super powers. Most of the other supers seem to have just one super power. Except for Violet who can turn invisible and create force shields around things. But Jack-Jack turns out to have many super power, and one of those turns out to be shape-shifting or morphing. During a visit to Edna Mode’s house with Bob, Jack-Jack’s face and head morph into Edna’s winning over her heart instantly.

Edna Jack-Jack

Disney Excitement

I was excited and happy to hear that the next round of exclusives for the 2018 SDCC were going to be Disney figures. Even though I’m not going, as a big Disney fan I’m always happy to see some more Funko Pops to be added to the collection. I know they are exclusives but I would still like to get may hands on one or two of them eventually.

Do any of the Disney Exclusives appeal to you? What ones would you rather have seen indeed?

And take a look at the Marvel Exclusives if you missed them.





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