2018 SDCC Funko Pop Exclusives Announcements

Wow! Funko has been busy the past couple of days with announcements. They released more 2018 San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) Funko Pop! Exclusives for us to drool over until July. Instead of being larger releases of seven or eight Pop! like with Marvel and Disney, these announcements were in the two to four Pop. Because of that I’m going to combine several of the series into one post for the next couple at least.

Harry Potter

Up first are two new Funko Pop! for the Harry Potter series. They are actually new versions of fan favorites ghosts of Hogwarts Castle. They are Gryffindor House Ghost, Nearly Headless Nick and Moaning Myrtle who prefered the bathroom. Both of them are glow-in-the-dark and Myrtle is also a translucent Pop!

Harry Potter Nearly Headless Nick

Harry Potter Moaning Myrtle

Looney Tunes

The next round of exclusives announced the same day came to us for the Pop! Animation line from Looney Tunes. Once again, we get only two Funko Pop! for this series for 2018 SDCC. The first is a very obscure Looney Tunes character that has only appeared in two cartoons, one from 1949 and the other in 1950, this is Playboy Penguin. He is sporting a red bowtie and a dapper blue tophat. Also for the Looney Tunes line is Pepe Le Pew. With is arms open-wide ready for his love, this French skunk also comes with a red rose in his mouth to enhance the romance.

Looks like Funko went with a black and with theme for the Looney Tunes Pop!

Looney Tunes Playboy Penguin

Looney Tunes Pepe Le Pew


Now up from Funko for 2018 SDCC are five more Pop! Animation for Hanna-Barbera shows. The first is that crime fighting, thawed out caveman Captain Caveman. I loved this show as a kid and remember watching it Saturday mornings and always enjoyed him yelling, “CAPTAIN CAAAAAAAVEMAAAAAAN!”

Also for the Hanna-Barbera line are four Pop! for the show Banana Splits. This show was a little before my time, but I do remember watching is some in re-run years later. All four of these Pop! are going to be Limited Edition for 2018 SDCC and only have 4000 pieces available. The Pop! we are getting will be the four main characters from the show, Snorky, Bingo, Fleegle and Drooper.

Hanna-Barbera Captain Caveman

Banana Splits Snorky

Banana Splits Bingo

Banana Splits Fleegle

Banana Splits Drooper

Rick and Morty

Up next for exclusive Funko Pop! for the 2018 SDCC are Rick and Morty Pop! Here we are getting a Western Rick and a Western Morty. These Rick and Morty come from season one episode ten titled “Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind”. Rick and Morty are kidnapped and taken to an alternate dimension by alternate Rick’s. “Western Rick” and “Western Morty” appear on screen for about two seconds and Morty comments about seeing a Cowboy version of himself. Both are wearing “Western” and “Cowboy” appearal as seen in the episode.

Rick & Morty Western Rick

Rick & Morty Western Morty

More To Come

Funko has announced four more lines of Pop! exclusive to 2018 SDCC already. Stay tuned for another post coming up soon to review the others that will be released. A sneak preview to them: Game of Thrones and Stranger Things.

Do you have a favorite from the ones in this post? Or a favorite one from each line? Share your thoughts with everyone.

If you’ve missed the previous releases be sure to check out what is coming to us from Marvel and Disney.





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