2018 San Diego Comic Con Limited Edition Marvel Funko Pop

The annual San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) will be held on July 19th to 22dn this year, and Funko has been announcing exclusive Pops that will be available if you are able to attend. Many of these are going to be Limited Edition ones that you can only get at 2018 SDCC. Some of those are even more limited with only a certain number of figures available for the public. On Thursday they announced the Funko Pop Marvel Limited Edition figures that will be at 2018 SDCC. Let’s take a look at what will be there.

Pop! Directors

Up first on the list was a new Pop! Directors figure. It is the director of the Thor: Ragnarok movie, Taika Waititi. He will be #596. He is sporting a hip pink romper with a pineapple print all over that he wore to the 2017 SDCC. Looking rather dashing for sure. And he may not be around for very long. They are limiting this figure to 3000 pieces.

2018 SDCC Taika Waititi Limited Edition

Image Cradit: Funko.com










Thor: Ragnarok

Keeping with the Thor: Ragnarok theme are the next two Pops that was announced by Funko. The first is #335 Thor with Odin Force. This Thor as electric blue eyes and electric blue Odin Force around his arms. It looks like he might be a glow-in-the-dark Pop as well, but the box does not indicate that he is.

2018 SDCC Thor Limited Edition

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Also coming to us from Thor: Ragnarok will be #336 Hero Valkyrie. This is in the white outfit with gold plates and a blue cape that Valkyrie wore at the end of the film giving her that hero title Pop.

2018 SDCC Valkyrie Limited Edition

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Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Next up we have #337 Guardians of the Galaxy 2,Kraglin. The character of Kraglin was played by Sean Gunn, the brother to the director of Guardians of the Galaxy 2, James Gunn. James even gave a shout out on Twitter and Instagram when it was announced his brother was going to be a Funko Pop figure.

2018 SDCC Kraglin Limited Edition

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Marvel Studios 10

The next Pop up is part of the Funko Pop Marvel Studios 10, celebrating 10 years of Marvel Studios movies. This is #338 Iron Man Mark I from the 2008 Iron Man film. This Mark I is from near the beginning of the movie and the first Iron Man suit that he made. Hence the Mark I name. He has the cool, crude look to it complete with marks and dings all over the suit.

2018 SDCC Iron Man Limited Edition

Image Credit: Funko.com











Now we have the Classic Ant Man #250. This Ant Man isn’t dressed from the recent movies, he is in his original comic book suit. This is a really cool looking Pop and I love the retro look that it gives him.

2018 SDCC Ant-Man Limited Edition

Image Credit: Funko.com











If you haven’t had or seen enough Deadpool around recently, get ready for another one then. Last up is Pop! Deadpool #325 Cheerleader Deadpool in Pink Glitter. This figure will be super limited edition by only having 1000 pieces at 2018 SDCC. So, good luck getting your hands on this one. This one is the same mold and design as Cheerleader Deadpool just with a pink glitter paint job.

2018 SDCC Cheerleader Deadpool Limited Edition

Image Credit: Funko.com










The Marvel Edition

That completes the list of Funko Pop Marvel figures that will be available at 2018 SDCC. Funko also announced a Limited Edition Rock Candy figure for Jessica Jones and a Dorbz Captain America & Red Skull 2-pack that will also be Limited Edition. Head over to the Funko website to check them out.

So, if you are making it out to 2018 SDCC, be on the lookout for these Marvel Pop figures if you see one you like above. Especially for those really Limited Edition ones if you’d like to have them for your collection.

I really like the Iron Man Mark I figure. They made it look so much like the suit in the movie. I know that is the purpose of the figures, but I really appreciate it with the crudeness of it and the dings and marks all over it.

Do you have a favorite from the Marvel announcement? If so, what is yours?

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