The First Funko Pop

Any avid collector out there would want to get their hands on the first Funko Pop created, but that might be a difficult task at this point. Unless, of course, you are alright with paying quite a bit more than the price of an average Pop. But then again, that’s what a collector is willing to do to complete their collection.

Wacky Wobbler

Big Boy Funko Wacky Wobbler

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The first Funko figures produced in 1998, when the company was founded, were not the Pop figures that have become so popular in recent years. Funko’s first figure they created was a bobble-head type figure that they called a Wacky Wobbler. The first Wacky Wobbler was a Big Boy for the Big Boy restaurants. The Big Boy was an almost instant success which lead to many more Wacky Wobbler variations to follow.

Wacky Wobblers are still being made by Funko today. Although they do not seem to be as popular today as what the Pop has become, many different variations of the Wobblers are being produced. The Funko website has nearly 90 different Wobblers listed with recent ones being made for the Star Wars: Solo movie even.

Funko Pop Is Born

Funko Force 2.0

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The first Funko Pop was created for the 2010 San Diego Comic Con (SDCC). Funko debuted three exclusive limited Pops at SDCC that year and they were known as Funko Force 2.0. The first ones produced were in a clamshell type container and even a limited number of those were produced. The rest were in the traditional box we all recognize now.

The first three figures made were Batman, Batgirl and Green Lantern. The Funko Force 2.0 were not very well received in the beginning. True Funatics loved the Wacky Wobblers and were not too sure about this new figure from the company. As with many things, change at first is not always welcome. But eventually they did catch on a morph into the Funko Pop Vinyl Figure that is so recognizable today.

My First Funko Pops

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, my first Funko Pop was one from a Loot Crate box. The first ones the I picked out myself were Shaun and Ed from the Shaun of the Dead movie. I avoided

Funko Pop Shaun of the Dead - My First Funko Pop

Funko Pop Shaun of the Dead

starting a collection for the longest time. I knew better than to get it started. But once I got the one from Loot Crate the door was open and it was time to start picking my own.

I didn’t have to look very long before I knew which Pops would be the first ones I would buy for myself.  Shaun of the Dead is one of my favorite movies and as soon as I saw Shaun and Ed, I just knew that I had and would have them one day. I was on my Amazon account the other day and saw that I ordered them in January 2016, so it wasn’t that long ago. I know some would be ashamed by that, but like I’ve talked about before, I knew better for a long time to not get it started. But I’ve still been able to show some control.

New Funko Lines

As we talked about before, Funko Pop figures were not received very well when they first came out. But over time the public grew to love them and they are the most popular figure that Funko produces at this time. But Funko has other lines of products too. Dorbz, Keychains, Plush and Wobblers to name a few.

It is difficult to predict what the next craze will be. What will Funko come out with next? And will it be able to top the popularity that the Pops have created. That may be difficult to do though.

Going Strong

Funko Pops have been around for less than 10 years now but they appear to still be going strong. New figures being introduced all of the time. So it looks like we have many more to come and many more years of them to look forward to.

What was your first Funko Pop that you bought? Or maybe it was a gift?

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