Funko Pop! Animation Exclusives

The Funko Pop! Animation line currently has over 420 figures in it and just over 190 of those are exclusives or limited edition figures. The animation spectrum is very large and we will certainly be getting more Pop! in this line in the years to come.


The Funko Pop! Animation line is quite vast. And it would need to be in order for Funko to cover as much of the animated shows, shorts and movies that are out there. Some of the Pop! figures go all the way back to the 1930’s to include Loony Tunes characters from the likes of Bugs Bunny and Speedy Gonzales. And others go all the way up to current animated series like Bob’s Burgers to give us figures like Burger Suit Gene and Tina Belcher.

But Funko didn’t stop there. They have also included animation from around the world as well. Dragon Ball Z has many figures for the Pop! collector and several that are exclusives or limited edition ones.

With such a large collection of Pop! in the Animation line and covering so many different shows and movies, an animation fan is almost certainly going to find a few figures they would like to have.

Funko Pop! Animation Charlie Brown #48

Charlie Brown #48 Pop in a Box

The List

On this page you will find a list of the Funko Pop! Animation Exclusives and Limited Editions. The list will include the Pop! name, number, store or website it is exclusive to, or the number of pieces it is limited to. Keep in mind, some of these Pop! will go all with way back to the beginning of the production line creation and may be difficult to find if you are trying to complete a collection.

  • GTID = Glow-In-the-Dark
  • SDCC= San Diego Comic Con
  • ECCC= Emerald City Comic Con
  • NYCC= New York Comic Con

You can sort the columns to group them for your best searching method. Or use the search box at the top. Just begin typing what you are looking for and it will show up at the top of the table.

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3Frankenstein Jr. & The Impossibles GITDFrankenstein Jr. & The ImpossiblesGemini
4Hong Kong Phooey Black RobeHong Kong PhooeyGemini
10Planet Arlia VegetaDragonball Z2014 NYCC Toy Tokyo
14Super Saiyan Goku GITDDragonball ZEntertainment Earth
14Super Saiyan Goku Dragonball ZLoot Crate
15Huckleberry HoundHuckleberry Hound2014 SDCC480
15Huckleberry Hound Bright PinkHuckleberry Hound2014 Fundays24
15Huckleberry Hound GreenHuckleberry Hound2014 Fundays24
15Huckleberry Hound PurpleHuckleberry Hound2014 Fundays24
15Huckleberry Hound OrangeHuckleberry Hound2014 Fundays24
15Huckleberry Hound RedHuckleberry Hound2014 Fundays24
15Huckleberry Hound MaroonHuckleberry Hound2014 Fundays24
15Huckleberry Hound FlockedHuckleberry HoundGemini
22Eren (Titan Form)Attack on TitanHot Topic
25Catbug GITDBravest WarriorsToy Tokyo
25CatbugBravest WarriorsEntertainment Earth
25Catbug GITD OrangeBravest Warriors2015 NYCC
29Bender GoldenFuturama2015 SDCC
35Robot Devil with fiddleFuturama2015 SDCC
39Muttley flockedWacky RacesGemini
40Lil' Gruesome OrangeWacky Races2015 SDCC500
40Lil' Gruesome GreenWacky Races2015 SDCC
40Lil' Gruesome RedWacky Races2015 SDCC
40Lil' Gruesome YellowWacky Races2015 SDCC
40Lil' Gruesome Orange with black coatWacky Races2015 SDCC
40Lil' Gruesome HolidayWacky RacesFunko Shop500
46Cobra Commander HoodedGI JoeChase
47Golden FriezaDragonball Z2015 SDCC
47Golden Frieza Red EyesDragonball Z2015 SDCC
48Charlie BrownPeanutsPop In A Box
49Snoopy & WoodstockPeanutsECCC
55Zoidberg BlueFuturamaHot Topic
59IchigoShonen Jump BleachHot Topic
60Rukia MetallicShonen Jump BleachHot Topic
61Ken Kaneki GITDShonen Jump BleachHot Topic
63Ricochet RabbitRicochet RabbitGemini
63Ricochet Rabbit PinkRicochet Rabbit2015 NYCC
63Ricochet Rabbit YellowRicochet Rabbit2015 NYCC
64Penelope Pitstop MetallicPenelope PitstopChase
65Quick Draw McGraw OrangeQuick Draw McGrawChase
65Quick Draw McGraw BlackQuick Draw McGrawChase
67NatsuFairyTailHot Topic
68LucyFairyTailHot Topic
69Happy FlockedFairyTailFYE
70Voltron MetallicVoltron2016
82KiritoSword Art OnlineHot Topic
84CatbugBravest WarriorsEntertainment Earth
86Garnet GITDSteven Universe Hot Topic
87AmethystSteven Universe Hot Topic
88Pearl GITDSteven Universe Hot Topic
89Sailor Moon & Luna GlitterSailor MoonGo!
90Salor Moon w/ Moon Stick & LunaSailor MoonHot Topic
97Kurama Moded Kurama GITD 6"NarutoGameStop
105Burger Suit GeneBob's BurgersHot Topic
109Goku & Flying NimbusDragonBallGalactic Toys
111Majin BuuDragonball ZDragon Con
120BeerusDragonball Z2016 SDCC
122Space Ghost CrystalSpace GhostNYCC Toy Tokyo
123ZorakSpace GhostNYCC Toy Tokyo
124BrakSpace GhostNYCC Toy Tokyo
125BlossomThe Powerpuff Girls2016 SDCC/Hot Topic
126BubblesThe Powerpuff Girls2016 SDCC/Hot Topic
127ButtercupThe Powerpuff Girls2016 SDCC/Hot Topic
127Duck Dodgers MetallicDuck DodgersChase
127Duck Dodgers GITDDuck DodgersFunko Shop
127Duck Dodgers GITD WhiteDuck Dodgers2016 SDCC/Box Lunch1500
127Duck Dodgers GITD BlueDuck Dodgers2016 SDCC
129AsterixAsterix & ObelixUnderground Toys
130ObelixAsterix & ObelixUnderground Toys
132Purple Pieman & Berry BirdStrawberry Shortcake2016 SDCC/Barnes and Noble
136Hair BearHelp! It's the Hair Bear Bunch2016 SDCC750
136Hair Bear BlueHelp! It's the Hair Bear Bunch2016 SDCC750
136Hair Bear BrownHelp! It's the Hair Bear Bunch2016 SDCC750
136Hair BearHelp! It's the Hair Bear BunchFunko Shop
137Square BearHelp! It's the Hair Bear Bunch2016 NYCC2000
138Bubi BearHelp! It's the Hair Bear Bunch2016 NYCC2000
139Snoopy Rock the VotePeanuts2016 SDCC/Barnes and Noble
142Space Cadet MetallicDuck DodgersChase
143Marvin the Martian PinkDuck DodgersFunko Pop Up Shop
143Marvin the Martian GreenDuck DodgersFunko Pop Up Shop
149Scooby-Doo GreenScooby-DooFunko Pop Up Shop
149Scooby-Doo PinkScooby-DooFunko Pop Up Shop
149Scooby-Doo BlueScooby-DooFunko Pop Up Shop
154Super Saiyan VegetaDragon Ball ZAAA Anime
154Super Saiyan Vegeta GoldDragon Ball ZToy Tokyo Booth
155Super Saiyan TrunksDragon Ball Z2016 NYCC
156Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Vegeta MetallicDragon Ball ZGame Stop
157Vegeta BlackDragon Ball ZGame Stop
158Badman VegetaDragon Ball ZHot Topic
164Ren SpottedRen and StimpyChase
165Stimpy SpottedRen and StimpyChase
167El KabongQuick Draw McGrawSpecialty Series
168Snagglepuss light pinkSnagglepussChase
168Snagglepuss FlockedSnagglepussGemini
169Wally Gator BlueWally GatorChase
170Touche TurtleTouche TurtleChase
172Weaponized RickRick and MortyChase
174Mr. MeekeeksRick and MortyChase
178Snowball FlockedRick and MortyKomiKase
180Mr. Meekeeks with Meeseeks BoxRick and MortyBarnes and Noble
185Naruto (Sage Mode)Naruto ShippudenGame Stop
186Naruto (Six Path)Naruto ShippudenHot Topic
187Yogi BearYogi BearFunko Shop
188Boo BooYogi BearFunko Shop
189Ranger SmithYogi BearFunko Shop
199Yuichiro (Demon)Seraph of the End Vampire ReignHot Topic
200Shinoa with ScytheSeraph of the End Vampire ReignGame Stop
202Him GITDThe Powerpuff GirlsChase
203The CreeperScooby-Doo2017 ECCC
204PebblesThe FlintstonesFunko Shop8000
205Bamm BammThe FlintstonesFunko Shop8000
206Mr. Poopy ButtholeRick and MortyHot Topic
207Michigan J. FrogLooney Tunes2017 ECCC
208Peppermint PattyPeanuts2017 ECCC
213Lion FlockedSteven Universe Hot Topic
214Blue FalconBlue Falcon and Dynomutt2017 ECCC3000
215DynomuttBlue Falcon and Dynomutt2017 ECCC3000
219L (With Cake)Death NoteHot Topic
221CatDog FlockedCatDog2017 SDCC
222IckisReal Monsters2017 NYCC
225Tommy RedshirtRugratsChase
227Reptar PurpleRugratsChase
227Reptar GITDRugratsEntertainment Earth
227Reptar CerealRugratsFYE
237Armin ArleltAttack on TitanFYE
238Sasha BrausAttack on TitanGame Stop
239Cleaning LeviAttack on TitanHot Topic
240Dipper PinesGravity FallsChase
243Bill SipherGravity FallsChase
244Mabelcorn MabelGravity FallsHot Topic
245Rufus Ruffcut and SawtoothWacky Races2017 SDCC750
246Big GruesomeWacky Races2017 SDCC1600
252Deku (Battle)My Hero AcademiaHot Topic
254Scooby DumScooby-DooSpecialty Series
255Daffy Duck Super DuckLooney Tunes2017 SDCC2000
256Tinkles and Ghost In A JarRick and Morty2017 SDCC
260Super Saiyan Rose Goku BlackDragon Ball ZHot Topic
261Pete PumaLooney Tunes2017 SDCC1000
262Peter PerfectWacky Races2017 SDCC750
263GossamerLooney TunesSpecialty Series
263Gossamer FlockedLooney TunesFunko Shop3500
264Krombopulos MichaelRick and Morty2017 NYCC
265ShenronDragon Ball ZGalactic Toys
265Shenron GoldDragon Ball ZHot Topic
267Sailor VSailor Moon2017 NYCC
268DestroGI Joe2017 NYCC
275Lippy The LionLippy The Lion and Hardy Har Har2017 NYCC1000
276Hardy Har HarLippy The Lion and Hardy Har Har2017 NYCC1000
277Breezly FlockedBreezly and SneezlyFunko Shop2000
278Sneezly FlockedBreezly and SneezlyFunko Shop2000
279Top CatTop CatChase
280Benny The BallTop CatChase
286Swim Time HappyFairyTailHot Topic
287Speedy GonzalesLooney Tunes2017 NYCC3500
291Young VictorYuri On IceHot Topic
292Tina BelcherBob's BurgersBox Lunch
293Queen BerylSailor MoonToys R Us
295Sailor Chibi Moon GlitterSailor MoonBarnes and Noble
307Bugs Bunny FlockedLooney TunesTarget
315 HitDragon Ball ZToys R Us
316ZamasuDragon Ball ZWalmart
317WhisDragon Ball Z2018 SDCC
320Rocko with Spunky Red NoseRocko's Modern LifeChase
321Heffer HalloweenRocko's Modern LifeChase
326GremlinLoony TunesFunko Shop3000
335Toxic RickRick and MortyTarget
336Toxic MortyRick and MortyTarget
337Alien RickRick and Morty2018 ECCC
338Alien MortyRick and Morty2018 ECCC
340Sentient Arm Morty Bloody HandRick and MortyChase
343Rick (Facehugger)Rick and MortyGame Stop
344Scary TerryRick and MortyHot Topic
345MarionetteFive Nights at Freddy'sWalmart
346Squanchy with RopeRick and MortyFYE
350Pickle RickRick and MortyPX
353Grumpy Bear FlockedCare BearsToys R Us
354Love-A-Lot Bear GlitterCare BearsEntertainment Earth
355Good Luck Bear TranslucentCare BearsChase
355Good Luck Bear FlockedCare Bears2018 ECCC
356Funshine Bear GITDCare BearsChase
357Beadtime BearCare BearsFunko Shop
362Zen-OhDragon Ball ZGalactic Toys
369PopeyePopeyeSpecialty Series
370Pink DiamondSteven Universe Hot Topic
376Shota Aizawa Hero CostumeMy Hero AcademiaHot Topic
381Master Roshi (Peace Sign)Dragon Ball ZFYE
397Dead YamchaDragon Ball Z2018 SDCC
402Super Saiyan BrolyDragon Ball Z2018 SDCC
407TaarnaHeavy Metal2018 SDCC/Toy Tokyo
421Betty Boop & Pudgy Black & WhiteBetty BoopEntertainment Earth
421Betty Boop & Pudgy Black & White w/ Red DressBetty BoopEntertainment Earth/Chase