It has become a little difficult to go out to a mall or shopping center without seeing a wall of Funko Pops somewhere. These cute (sometimes scary) collectibles have become very popular over the last 5 years and it seems to keep growing. And big collectors are always on the lookout for the Funko Pop Exclusives. Let’s look at some reasons why that is.

Inexpensive Memorabilia

Funko Pops are a relatively inexpensive collectible for most to purchase to show their love. Many of the Pops start out at about $10. If you can control yourself and only get one. That is easier said than done sometimes though. Especially when they have several to many varieties and versions in each genre.

Even if you can’t control that urge to have them all or most of them, $10 a Pop (pun intended) is not too much of a price to pay. Many other hobbies and collectibles can be much more expensive to get started with and continuing to feed the habit for years to come. With all the Pops available, it would be very easy for it to start getting expensive though. So some control is definitely needed.

The Pop Fandoms

The Funko Pop page lists 89 different Fandoms of Pops and that number will only continue to grow. These are all the different genres or interests that Funko creates Pops for. From movies to television shows, video games and card games, sports or your favorite band Funko most likely has a Pop for it.

With so many Pop Fandoms that are available you will surely be able to find one or two that you would like to have. Or just have to have. Of course being on the lookout for the Funko Pop Exclusives is important to those hard-core collectors.

Funko Social Media

Funko is very active on social media posting several times a day usually. They will post showing off new Pops that are coming out soon and exclusives that can only be found at certain locations. Funko loves to go giveaways via social media as well. Depending on the platform you can like, follow, retweet or share in order to be entered into the contest to win.

Search for Funko on your favorite form of social media or on all of them. They have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

So Cute

Can we all agree that Pops are just so darn cute. Those little bodies and big heads are just too adorable. Even the creepy or scary themed characters have that sweet appeal to them. Did anyone think that a Walking Dead zombie would be somewhat cute. Or one of those creepy Five Nights at Freddy’s guys.

Funko Pop Exclusives

Love those Funko Pop Eyes

And those big black almost soulless eyes just suck you right in. But not too soulless. They make the character a little more simple but don’t take away too much from them at the same time.

Your Reason

I listed a few of the reasons above whey I love Funko Pops so much, why do you love them? Leave a comment below on the reason or reasons why you love and collect Pops.





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