Funko Pop! Disney Exclusives List

The Funko Pop! Disney Exclusives list continues to grow. Currently they have over 150 exclusive vinyls in the Disney Fandom. With more and more Disney movies coming, that number will continue to grow as well.

Disney Movies

The first full-length animated movie produced by Disney was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs that premiered in 1937. Since then Disney as produced over 700 full-length, shorts and live action movies. Quite a few movies to create some Funko Pop! Vinyls for. Most of them have been for the more popular movies, but you still can find a couple obscure ones.

Spanning the Disney library from the beginning until the most recent movies, the Funko Pop! Disney family has grown quite large. You can find a Pop! all the way back to the Steamboat Willie era up to Incredibles 2. You are almost certain to find a Disney Pop! for the movie or show that you love.

Mike Wazowski #61 Metallic

Mike Wazowski #61 Metallic







The List

On this page you will find a list of the Funko Pop! Disney Exclusives and Limited Editions. The list will include the Pop! name, number, store or website it is exclusive to, or the number of pieces it is limited to. Keep in mind, some of these Pop! will go all with way back to the beginning of the production line creation and may be difficult to find if you are trying to complete a collection.

  • GTID = Glow-In-the-Dark
  • DotD= Day of the Dead
  • BAM!= Book-A-Million
  • SDCC= San Diego Comic Con
  • ECCC= Emerald City Comic Con

You can sort the columns to group them for your best searching method. Or use the search box at the top. Just begin typing what you are looking for and it will show up at the top of the table.

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Funko Pop! Disney Exclusives

01Mickey Mouse MetallicMickey Mouse and Friends2011 SDCC480
2-PackPain & PanicHercules2018 SDCC
2-PackOlaf and SvenFrozenBest Buy
2-PackLady & the TrampLady and the TrampHot Topic
3-PackSora, Goofy, and Donald Tron (Space Paranoids)Kingdom HeartsGameStop
3-PackSora, Goofy, and Donald Tron (Space Paranoids) GITD ChaseKingdom HeartsGameStop
3-PackElsa, Marshmallow, OlafFrozenWalmart
3-PackWho/Which/Whatsit A Wrinkle in TimeBarnes & Noble
04Sulley FlockedMonsters Inc./Monsters University2011 SDCC480
05Mike Wazowski GITDMonsters Inc./Monsters University2011 SDCC480
10Tinker Bell GlitterPeter PanHot Topic
12Stitch FlockedLilo and StitchFugitive Toys
13Lotso FlockedToy Story2011 SDCC
15Jack Skellington GITDThe Nightmare Before Christmas2012 NYCC
16Sally GITDThe Nightmare Before Christmas2012 NYCC/Toy Tokyo252
17Mr. Incredible Blue SuitThe Incredibles2011 SDCC480
24Steamboat Willie MetallicMickey Mouse and Friends2011 D23
32Winnie the Pooh FlockedWinnie the Pooh2012 SDCC480
33Alien MetallicToy Story2012 SDCC
35Cheshire Cat DisappearingAlice in WonderlandHot Topic
35Cheshire Cat BlueAlice in Wonderland2012 SDCC
35The Red One with StitchLilo and StitchBoxLunch
39Oogie Boogie GITDThe Nightmare Before Christmas2012 SDCC480
50Dumbo MetallicDumbo2013 SDCC
50Dumbo Clown-FaceDumbo2013 SDCC Fundays
50Dumbo GoldDumbo2013 SDCC Fundays
54Genie MetallicAladdin2013 SDCC
57Merida MetallicBrave2013 SDCC
58Rocketeer PatinaRocketeerGemini Collectibles
61Mike Wazowski MetallicMonsters Inc./Monsters University2013 SDCC480
62Sulley MetallicMonsters Inc./Monsters University2013 SDCC480
65Oswald Rabbit MetallicMickey Mouse and Friends2013 SDCC480
66Ariel HipsterLittle MermaidHot Topic
67Belle HipsterBeauty and the BeastHot Topic
68Jasmine HipsterAladdinHot Topic
69Jack Skellington DotD GITDThe Nightmare Before ChristmasHot Topic
70Sally DotD GITDThe Nightmare Before ChristmasHot Topic
71Zero GITD (Chase)The Nightmare Before Christmas
77Maleficent GITDMaleficentHot Topic
78Aurora MetallicMaleficentHot Topic
79Olaf GITDFrozen2014 SDCC
79Olaf GlitterFrozenEntertainment Earth
79Olaf FlockedFrozen2014 NYCC/Toy Tokyo
81Anna IcedFrozen2014 SDCC
82Elsa TransformingFrozen2014 SDCC
85Simba FlockedLion KingHot Topic
93Lumiere GITDBeauty and the BeastHot Topic
94Bambi FlockedBambiHot Topic
98Prince John PlatinumRobin HoodToy Tokyo
111Baymax Translucent EmoticonBig Hero 62015 SDCC
111Baymax 6” Super Sized PopBig Hero 6Disney Studios
111Baymax GITDBig Hero 6Amazon
112Baymax Metallic ArmoredBig Hero 6FUN
114Jack SkellingtonThe Nightmare Before ChristmasHot Topic
115Sally with RoseThe Nightmare Before ChristmasHot Topic
127Elvis StitchLilo and StitchHot Topic
128Lightning McQueen DinocoCars2015 SDCC1008
129Mater DinocoCars2015 SDCC/Fugitive
129Mater Mint ConditionCars2015 NYCC
131Ramone GreenCarsTarget
132Joy Sparkle HairInside Out2015 SDCC
133Sadness Glitter HairInside Out2015 SDCC
136Anger ClearInside OutHot Topic
136Anger Fire HeadInside Out2015 SDCC1008
137Bing Bong ClearInside OutHot Topic
139Gus Gus in Glass Slipper GlitterCinderella (Live Action)Hot Topic
143Baymax Armored UnmaskedBig Hero 62015 SDCC
144Olaf Barbershop QuartetFrozen2015 SDCC
147Rapunzel with Frying Pan and Red PascalTangled2015 SDCC1008
153Pumpkin King GITDThe Nightmare Before ChristmasHot Topic
157Cinderella HipsterCinderella (Live Action)Hot Topic
158Jack Skellington & Vampire TeddyThe Nightmare Before Christmas2015 NYCC/Hot Topic
159Stitch Sitting FlockedLilo and StitchHot Topic
162Phineas GITDHaunted Mansion - Disney Parks2016 SDCC1000
163Ezra GITD WhiteHaunted Mansion - Disney Parks2016 SDCC1000
164Gus GITD WhiteHaunted Mansion - Disney Parks2016 SDCC1000
165Hatbox Ghost GITD BlueHaunted Mansion - Disney Parks2016 SDCC
178Cheshire Cat GITDAlice in Wonderland (Live Action)BAM!
178Cheshire Cat FlockedAlice in Wonderland (Live Action)Hot Topic
185Iracebeth PatinaAlice in Wonderland Through the Looking GlassHot Topic
199Indiana Jones with IdolIndiana Jones2016 SDCC
200Indiana Jones Temple of DoomIndiana JonesDisney Parks
201Dug FlockedUpHot Topic
202Dug Cone of ShameUp2016 SDCC/Toy Tokyo
203Aloha StitchLilo and StitchHot Topic
204Mad Hatter with ChromosphereAlice in Wonderland Through the Looking GlassHot Topic
205Pajama JackThe Nightmare Before Christmas2016 SDCC
207Invisible Elliott 6” & PetePete’s Dragon2016 SDCC
208Cursed BarbossaPirates of the Caribbean2016 SDCC
209Sally (Seated) GITD with Cat FlockedThe Nightmare Before ChristmasWalgreens
209Sally (Seated) with CatThe Nightmare Before Christmas2016 SDCC
211BehemothThe Nightmare Before Christmas2016 NYCC
211Behemoth GITDThe Nightmare Before ChristmasWalgreens
216Moana w/ spearMoanaTarget
217Voyager MoanaMoanaWalmart
218Young Moana seatedMoanaHot Topic
219Maui w/ arm outMoanaBAM!
220Ariel Gown SparklyLittle MermaidHot Topic
222Cinderella Shimmering DressCinderella (Live Action)Amazon
226Dapper Jack SkellingtonThe Nightmare Before ChristmasHot Topic
230Oogie Boogie with BugsThe Nightmare Before ChristmasHot Topic
241Belle with Birds Diamond CollectionBeauty and the BeastHot Topic
241Belle with BirdsBeauty and the BeastHot Topic
243Beast FlockedBeauty and the Beast (Live Action)Hot Topic
248Belle with CandlestickBeauty and the Beast (Live Action)Barnes & Noble
249Belle (Village)Beauty and the Beast (Live Action)Walmart
250Belle (Castle Grounds)Beauty and the Beast (Live Action)FYE
251Belle (Garderobe)Beauty and the Beast (Live Action)Target
252Winnie the Pooh FlockedWinnie the PoohHot Topic
254Eeyore FlockedWinnie the PoohGemini Collectibles
254Eeyore BlueWinnie the PoohBarnes and Noble
256Pink Heffalump (Chase)Winnie the Pooh
256Striped HeffalumpWinnie the PoohBarnes and Noble
264Pete Black and WhiteKingdom HeartsWalmart
266Kingdom GoofyKingdom HeartsGameStop
267Kingdom DonaldKingdom HeartsHot Topic
268Halloween DonaldKingdom Hearts2017 NYCC
269Halloween GoofyKingdom Hearts2017 NYCC
282Lightning McQueen GreyCarsMeijer
282Lightning McQueen ChromeCarsTarget
283Lightning McQueen FabulousCarsToys R Us
299NegaduckDarkwing Duck PX Previews
301Rafiki with Simba FlockedLion KingEntertainment Earth
302Simba FlockedLion KingEntertainment Earth
311Magica De SpellDuckTalesGameStop
312Scrooge McDuck SwimsuitDuckTales2017 NYCC
313Dapper SallyThe Nightmare Before ChristmasHot Topic
314VincentThe Black Hole2017 NYCC/Toy Tokyo
315MaximillianThe Black Hole2017 NYCC/Toy Tokyo
325Aurora Blue Dress ChaseMaleficent
325Aurora GlitterMaleficentBAM!
328Halloween Town SoraKingdom HeartsHot Topic
329Sora (Brave)Kingdom HeartsToys R Us
330Sora (Final)Kingdom HeartsBest Buy
334Organization 13 Mickey UnhoodedKingdom Hearts2018 SDCC
335Shadow Heartless GITD ChaseKingdom Hearts
336Zero with Bone GITD ChaseThe Nightmare Before ChristmasBoxLunch
336Zero with BoneThe Nightmare Before ChristmasBoxLunch
340Dopey w/Kiss (Chase)Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
350Snow White Diamond CollectionSnow White and the Seven DwarfsHot Topic
353Abu FlockedAladdinHot Topic
354Jasmine Red GlitterAladdinBarnes & Noble
355Rajah FlockedAladdinBAM!
356Red Jafar (as Genie) GITDAladdinChase
367Jack-Jack ChromeIncredibles 2Hot Topic
376Maui w/ Shark HeadMoana2018 ECCC
381Hades Red Glow ChaseHerculesHot Topic
381Hades GlowHerculesHot Topic
385Sulley FlockedMonsters Inc./Monsters UniversityToys R Us
401Monster Jack-JackIncredibles 2FunkoShop
402Fire Jack-JackIncredibles 2Target
403ElastigirlIncredibles 2Target
404Edna Jack-JackIncredibles 22018 SDCC
405Jack-JackIncredibles 2FYE
415Skeeter ValentineDoug2018 SDCC
421Tamatoa NeonMoana2018 SDCC