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With the recent announcement to the Bethesda game Fallout 76, some are already wondering what the Funko Pop Fallout figures will bet. Google searches are already up a little for Fallout 76 Pop with hope of getting an idea of what may be coming out for us. Until they are announced we can only guess what they might be, so we will discuss it below some.

Fallout 76 – What We Know So Far

We know the setting and map for Fallout 76 will be in the hill of West Virginia. Which I am particularly excited for because I am from West Virginia and still live here. That may incite some comments or thoughts, but I don’t mind, I love it here. That being said, Bethesda has already told us that the lore and legends in the state lent themselves as influence to some of the new creatures that will be in the game. We know some of them, will those become Pops from the game.

From the press conference at E3 and the trailer for the game that was release, we got a peak at some of the creatures that will be in the game. We were shown or told about the Grafton Monster, the Flatwoods Monster and the Mothman. The Grafton Monster alone already looks like it would make an excellent Pop from the game. We haven’t seen the Mothman yet but it already has potential to be a great creature in the game and a Pop.

Of course I’m hoping for some exclusives for the game. Who knows if they will make any of the creatures exclusives or maybe they all will be. Most likely we’ll get a Vault Boy with the 76 on his vault uniform. And I’m interested to see how the Power Armor turns out since this game will be so early on in the story of Fallout.

Past Fallout Pops and Exclusives

As mentioned above, we can get an idea of some Pops to expect for Fallout 76 from the previous Pops that have been released. Some of the ones we have already seen from Fallout are Vault Boy, Power Armor, Lone Wanderer and Deathclaw. These we can anticipate will be back for fallout 76 in their own version for the time period 76 is set in.

Funko has put out quite a few exclusive Pops for Fallout in the past. So we can only hope that they will do the same for 76. A search turned up Pops exclusive at Target, GameStop, HotTopic and FYE. Some of these exclusives were variations on Power Armor and Vault Boy, but many others were stand alones to the game. They made one for each of the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. characteristics you upgrade during the game. A few others included a Glowing One feral ghoul, Cogsworth and Hancock from Fallout 4.

I’m hoping with 76 we will get a little more variety in the exclusives. Not just different versions of Vault Boy and Power Armors this time around. Lots of potential with the new creatures they are adding with it being set in West Virginia. And I am a little bias since I live in West Virginia.

Fallout Love

I don’t go way back with the Fallout games like some. I appreciated them but I never took the time to play one. That was until Fallout 4 at least. One of my favorite YouTube creators started playing it and I watched his series on it. At first, I didn’t mind knowing what the main story line was about. I hadn’t planned on playing it so knowing wasn’t a spoiler to me. But as he got more into it and started building, I knew I was going to have to play this game. Luckily he started doing two series on the game. One that was the main story and one that focused on him building up settlements. I could keep watching and not ruin anything else.

I eventually broke down and bought the game. Over two hundred game hours later and I still have a little of the Nuka-World DLC. I’ve had to take breaks from the game at times. I’ll get sucked into it and play for hours. I enjoyed it that much. The building part was a lot of fun for me as well. I may not have build the best settlements but I really enjoyed that mechanic of the game. And now it will continue with 76.

My Fallout Pops

After spending some much time playing Fallout 4 and having already started a small Pop collection, I naturally had to get aFunko Pop Fallout 4 Power Armor few Fallout ones. And I wanted to put them out on my desk for display. Out of the box even. For shame by some standards I know. We will discuss that at a later time.

When I started the game I chose to play as a female character. I thought it was great that you even have that as an option. Since I played as the female character I had to get the female Lone Wanderer Pop. Right. Made perfect sense to me. She is just a Fallout Pop and not specific to Fallout 4. I also bought a Power Armor that was the same, just a Fallout one. I did get one that was specific to Fallout 4 though. It is the X-01 Power Armor.

The Wait

I am very excited for both the game and the Funko Pop Fallout figure that will come out for Fallout 76. The potential for them is big. The game will be the first online version in the Fallout series. Plenty of unknowns still about it but the setting in West Virginia alone is a perk for me. And because of the creatures they have already announced, the Pops could be great.

We only have to wait until November for the game. To some that seems a long way off but it will go by fast enough. Hopefully we’ll know more about the game soon. Still, many uncertainties about it. And even more hopeful for Funko to give us some peaks at the Pops they will be releasing for it.

What are your thoughts on the game or the Pops?





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Melinda · June 16, 2018 at 11:35 am

I’m in Virginia, so I think that it is pretty exciting that the new game will be in West Virginia. West Virginia is very beautiful and has lots of great mountains and hiking trails.

    Mike · June 18, 2018 at 9:02 pm

    Most definitely! I’m excited for the game and it looks beautiful for the little they have shown us already. I can’t wait to see more.

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