The 2018 New York Comic Con (NYCC) will be happening in early October and Funko just announced some new Pop! that will be available for the Con. The first wave of figures for the con will be Pop! Heroes, more DC Super Heroes to add to the collection.

Wonder Woman

Funko Pop! Heroes Wonder Woman 2018 NYCC

Image Credit: Funko

The first up will be Wonder Woman #242. This edition of Wonder Woman will harken back to the first appearance of her in a DC comic and not the more recent Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman and Justice League films. This Wonder Woman Pop! Will feature the bright colors of the comic book days with those yellow, red and blues that pop. Wonder Woman will be a Hot Topic exclusive for this years NYCC.

Arthur Curry

Funko Pop! Heroes Arthur Curry 2018 NYCC

Image Credit: Funko

Next we have Arthur Curry #243 better known as Aquaman. He will also be a Hot Topic exclusive for the con. Unlike his Wonder Woman counterpart, this version of Arthur Curry/Aquaman is taken from the more recent movies. No green and yellow tights for this guy. He’s sporting boots, long pants and no shirt to show off is scale-like tattoos.



The Flash and Superman 2-Pack

And now it is time for a 2-Pack. This one is featuring two Justice League Heroes, The Flash and Superman #2. The Funko website says they are racing but they could also just be in a hurry to get to an incident. The Flash is in a full stride running pose with blue lightning bolts around his arms and legs. Giving the little extra feeling of him going super speed. Superman is in a flying pose with his arms outstretched in front of him. To give him a little more sense of flying, he can be mounted on a pedestal to make him look like he is really flying. This The Flash and Superman 2-Pack will be a GameStop/EB Games exclusive.

Funko Pop! Heroes The Flash & Superman 2018 NYCC

Image Credit: Funko

Superman 3-Pack

And finally for the DC Heroes reveal Funko is giving us a Superman 3-Pack. This 3-Pack of Superman are a chrome version coming in a red, silver and blue. All three have the same pose with one hand and knee on the ground looking like he’s ready for action. Either to take off in flight or protecting himself from something. This Superman Chrome 3-Pack is and FYE exclusive for the con.

Funko Pop! Heroes Superman 2018 NYCC

Image Credit: Funko

This was the first reveal for the 2018 NYCC, more will surely be coming to us as the event gets closer. This looks like a good start so far. Do you see anything you want already? Check out past Funko Pop! Heroes exclusives for NYCC. Just sort by event to find them easier.

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