Funko Pop! Heroes Exclusives

The Funko Pop! Heroes Exclusives list is made up of DC Comics characters. Even though the Fandom line is called Heroes, the line also includes some of the DC villains as well.

DC Comics

The origin of DC Comics dates back to the early 1930s with the foundation of National Allied Publications. It would later become DC Comics with the first recognizable DC logo appearing on comics in 1940. Since then, DC Comics have created quite a few heroes and villains that fans have grown to love and hate.

With the popularity of many different comic lines and movies spawned from them, the Funko Pop! Heroes Vinyls list has gotten quite large in the years since the Fandom line first debuted. With that being said, the exclusives list for the line is rather large as well. A little over 200 exclusive Pop! Vinyl figures have been created for the line alone. Some of the early figures like Batman, Batgirl, Superman and Wonder Woman have several variations of exclusives to find.


Funko Pop! Heroes Exclusives 06 Blacksuit Joker

Funko Pop! Heroes 06 Blacksuit Joker

The List

On this page you will find a list of the Funko Pop! Disney Exclusives and Limited Editions. The list will include the Pop! name, number, store or website it is exclusive to, or the number of pieces it is limited to. Keep in mind, some of these Pop! will go all with way back to the beginning of the production line creation and may be difficult to find if you are trying to complete a collection.

  • GTID = Glow-In-the-Dark
  • BAM!= Book-A-Million
  • NYCC= New York Comic Con
  • SDCC= San Diego Comic Con
  • ECCC= Emerald City Comic Con

You can sort the columns to group them for your best searching method. Or use the search box at the top. Just begin typing what you are looking for and it will show up at the top of the table.

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Funko Pop! Heroes Exclusives

01Batman MetallicChase
01Batman Blue Retro2010 SDCC
01Batman Metallic Blue Retro2010 SDCC
01Batman Yellow Error MetallicChase
01Batman Flashpoint2011 NYCC
01Batman BobbleheadTarget
01Batman Metallic BobbleheadChase Target
01Batman The New 52Previews Exclusive
01Batman Yellow RainbowEntertainment Earth
01Batman Purple RainbowEntertainment Earth
01Batman Orange RainbowEntertainment Earth
01Batman Blue RainbowEntertainment Earth
01Batman Pink RainbowEntertainment Earth
01Batman Green RainbowEntertainment Earth
01Batman Silver Limited EditionHot Topic Employees108
01Batman RetroEntertainment Earth
01Batman GITDEntertainment Earth
02Robin MetallicChase
02Robin BobbleheadTarget
02Robin BobbleheadChase Target
03Batgirl MetallicChase
03Batgirl Metallic Yellow SymbolChase
03Batgirl Metallic Black2010 SDCC
03Batgirl Black SuitGame Stop
03Batgirl Gold Black SymbolGame Stop
04The Penguin MetallicChase
05The Riddler MetallicChase
06The Joker MetallicChase
06The Joker BobbleheadTarget
06The Joker Metallic BobbleheadChase Target
06The Joker Black SuitWalgreens
07Superman MetallicChase
07Superman Kingdom ComeBedrock City
07Superman BobbleheadTarget
07Superman Metallic BobbleheadChase Target
07Superman The New 52Previews Exclusive
07Superman Silver Limited EditionHot Topic144
07Superman All BlackEntertainment Earth
08Wonder Woman MetallicChase
08Wonder Woman B&W2011 NYCC Toy Tokyo
08Wonder Woman The New 52Previews Exclusive
08Wonder Woman All BlackEntertainment Earth
09Green Lantern MetallicChase
09Green Lantern GITD2010 SDCC
09Green Lantern BobbleheadTarget
09Green Lantern Metallic BobbleheadChase Target
09Green Lantern The New 52Previews Exclusive
09Green Lantern All BlackEntertainment Earth
10The Flash MetallicChase
10The Flash The New 52Previews Exclusive
10The Flash B&WHot Topic
10The Flash All BlackEntertainment Earth
11Hal Jordan Metallic2011 SDCC
12Sinestro Metallic2011 SDCC
14Shazam! MetallicGemini Collectibles
15Green Arrow MetallicGemini Collectibles
16Aquaman MetallicGemini Collectibles
16Aquaman The New 52Previews Exclusive
16Aquaman All BlackEntertainment Earth
17Hawkman MetallicGemini Collectibles
18Martian Manhunter Metallic2011 SDCC
19Batman Pantina2012 SDCC
23Domo Batman Metallic2013 SDCC
28Domo Man of Steel2013 SDCC
32Superman2013 SDCC
33Batman Beyond MetallicFugitive Toys
34Harley Quinn B&WHarrison's Comics
34Harley Quinn GITDPreviews Exclusive
34Harley Quinn MetallicConquest Comics
35Darkseid GITDGemini Collectibles
39Reverse Flash2013 Dallas Comic Con
39Reverse Flash GITD2013 Dallas Comic Con
40Nightwing Red ColorwayFugitive Toys
40Nightwing Metallic Red ColorwayFugitive Toys
41Batman Metallic2013 Alamo City Comic Con
44The Joker Metallic2013 Alamo City Comic Con
45Harley Quinn with MalletHot Topic
45Harley Quinn Pink/WhitHot Topic
45Harley Quinn Chrome Limited EditionHot Topic Employees144
46Batman Blackest NightHot Topic
47The Flash Blue LanternFugitive Toys
47The Flash Metallic Blue LanternFugitive Toys
49Deathstroke MetallicPX
50Deathstroke UnmaskedPX 2014 SDCC
51Batman UnmaskedTarget
52Batman Blue ArkhamHot Topic
57Superman White LanternFugitive Toys
57Superman GITD White LanternFugitive Toys
58Batman White LanternFugitive Toys
58Batman GITD White LanternFugitive Toys
59The Flash White LanternFugitive Toys
59The Flash GITD White LanternFugitive Toys
60Superman Red SonMidtown Comics
61Wonder Woman Star SapphireFugitive Toys
61Wonder Woman Metallic Star SapphireFugitive Toys
62Batman Earth 2Hot Topic
63Gabriel Last Man StandingSDCC
64Bizarro SupermanHot Topic
65The Joker BatmanLoot Crate
66Harley Quinn Roller DerbyHot Topic
67The Phantom Gray80th Anniversary
68Reverse Flash Black LanternHot Topic
69Batman ThrillkillerMidtown Comics
70Wonder Woman White LanternFugitive Toys
70Wonder Woman GITD White LanternFugitive Toys
81Reverse Flash 52Fugitive Toys
82Swamp Thing Flocked PX 2016 SDCC
83Superman Blackest NightGame Stop
83Superman Gold Blackest NightGame Stop
86Wonder Woman PatinaBAM!
86Wonder Woman SepiaWalmart
87Aquaman UnderwaterHot Topic
87Aquaman PatinaEE 2016 SDCC
88Batman ArmoredLegion of Collectors
91Firestorm White LanternFugitive Toys
91Firestorm GITD White LanternFugitive Toys
95CyborgEntertainment Earth
102Killer Croc GITDBarnes & Noble
104The Joker Suicide SquadTarget
105Harley Quinn Suicide Squad PrisonGame Stop
107The Joker Suicide SquadWalmart
108Harley Quinn Suicide Squad GownHot Topic
109The Joker Suicide Squad TuxedoHot Topic
110EnchantressLegion of Collectors
112Batman ArmoredPX
113Batman Unmasked ArmoredPX
114Superman Dark Knight ReturnsPX
115Robin Carrie KelleyPX
116The JokerPX
120Batman SteampunkHot Topic
121Harley Quinn The New 52Hot Topic
129Doomsday 6"2016 SDCC Game Stop
130Superman False God2016 SDCC Game Stop
131Batman Underwater2016 SDCC Hot Topic
132Thomas Wayne Hot Topic
135Dr. HarleenWalmart
136CatwomanLegion of Collectors
137Batman Zur En ArrhTarget
138HawkgirlLegion of Collectors
139Batman White Lantern2016 NYCC
140Batman Golden AgeSpecialty Series
143Batman Darkest Knight2016 NYCC Toy Tokyo
144Batman Blue Chrome2017 SDCC Toy Tokyo
144Batman Black Chrome2017 NYCC
144Batman Emerald Chrome2018 ECCC1500
145Clark KentHot Topic
146The Joker The Killing Joke2016 NYCC
147The Joker Grenade Damage2016 NYCC
148Batgirl HeroicSpecialty Series
148Batgirl Glassic2016 NYCC
150Killer Croc HoodedWalmart
151Killer Croc ImpopsterWalmart
156Harley Quinn Diamond CollectionHot Topic
159Superman ClassicLegion of Collectors
161Batman NegativeTarget
162Batman Radium ProfessorTarget
163Batman Golden MidasTarget
164Batman North Pole CamoTarget
165Plastic Man Legion of Collectors
166Harley Quinn GrayscaleThinkGeek
167Wonder Woman Sepia BombshellChase
167Wonder WomanMichaels
170The Joker KissesHot Topic
170The Joker KissesChase Hot Topic
171Poison IvyHot Topic
175Wonder Woman Active PoseWalmart
176Diana PrinceEntertainment Earth
177Wonder Woman Blue DressGame Stop
178Wonder WomanHot Topic
179Emerald City CrusaderECCC
179Emerald City Crusader GITDECCC
180Green Lantern John StewartWalgreens
181Wonder Woman with LassoLegion of Collectors
182Batman JungleFunko Shop10000
183The Riddler with Hat 1966Chase
188Batman JokerSDCC
189Man BatSDCC
190Mr. FreezeLegion of Collectors
193Batman RobotChase
196Batman Interplanetary2017 SDCC
199Aquaman SDCC
200Bruce Wayne2017 SDCC
202NightwingLegion of Collectors
203The Joker Martha WayneExclusive
208The Flash Limited Edition2018 SDCC
210AquamanLegion of Collectors
211Wonder Woman with MotherboxWalmart
212Cyborg with MotherboxWalmart
213MeraHot Topic
214SteppenwolfLegion of Collectors
215Superman #12017 NYCC
217Martian ManhunerWalmart
218BaneLegion of Collectors
219Lex Luthor Mech SuitLegion of Collectors
220Batman Yellow LanternFugitive Toys
220Batman GITD Yellow LanternFugitive Toys
222SupergirlBarnes & Noble
223HawkgirlHot Topic
226Wonder WomanFunko Shop
229Wonder Woman with Cloak SepiaEntertainment Earth
230Diana PrinceHot Topic
231Lobo BloodyPX
232Ace the Bat HoundFunko Shop3000
233Harley Quinn Skull BagsHot Topic
235Krypto the SuperdogSpecialty Series
236RedHood Limited EditionSDCC
422Doctor MaruLegion of Collectors