Recently it was announced that some new Pop! vinyl figures what would be coming out in November. Five new Funko Pop! Marvel Avengers Infinity War figures will be coming our way. With the success of the film, it makes perfect sense to capitalize on it and give us some new Pop! at the same time.

New Versions of Old

For this new release of Pop! figures for Marvel, we will be getting three new versions of existing Pop! and two brand new figures to the Marvel series. It’s always exciting to get brand new Pop! to a series. Or a brand new series too.

Two of the Pop! that will just be new versions of existing figures will be Groot and Gamora from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. Previously we had only two other Gamora figures, one from each of the Guardian movies. Groot, on the other hand, appears to be a Funko favorite. They have made at least fifteen different individual Groot Pop! and several others of him with another character.

The Funko Pop! Marvel Avengers Infinity War Gamora figure will be #417 and is holding a dagger. The Groot Pop! is #416 and is brandishing¬†Stormbreaker, Thor’s enchanted axe.

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And the third will be a Bruce Banner figure. Bruce has come to us in two other versions. One from Thor Ragnarok, which was a Toys R Us exclusive, and The Hulk & Bruce Banner two figures. This one was a Marvel Collectors Corps exclusive.

The Avengers Infinity War version of Bruce Banner is in the process of turning into The Hulk. His hands are out in front of him and have turned green already. His face has a very angry look on is and is starting to turn green.

New To Pop!

Three new Pop! for Funko will also be a part of the Avengers Infinity War series. The first will be Bucky Barnes, #418. He is also known as the Winter Soldier, who was introduced into the Marvel film franchise in the Captain America: Winter Soldier movie in 2014. Bucky is ready for battle holding a rifle, left handed also. I’m partial to that being a lefty myself.

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The final Pop! figure for the Avengers Infinity War series we will be getting is an Amazon exclusive. And a 6″ Super Sized Pop! as well. It will be¬†Eitri, the king of the dwarves who crafted Thor’s axe, Stormbreaker.

Riding The Wave

As mentioned earlier, it makes good sense that Funko create more Marvel Pop! and target the Avengers Infinity War movie also. The movie was released in the United States in April of 2018 and has grossed over $678 million in North America as of August 2018. The world-wide total is over $2 billion by this same time. It is currently the fourth highest grossing film of all time and the highest grossing superhero film.

I’m sure production time for a figure takes time, but the November release of the Pop! could have been better with the August release of the film on DVD and Blu-ray. But certainly fans and collectors alike will be excited for them no matter when they are available.

Wish List

I’m not the biggest Marvel or superhero fan by any means, but I do like the Bruce Banner that is in the process of Hulking out.

Are their any from this announcement that you want or have to have? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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