Funko Pop! Movies Exclusives

The Funko Pop! Movies Exclusives list is very diverse. With a broad category like movies, you are almost certain to get a wide variety of Pop! Vinyls on the list. With just over 160 exclusives in the Fandom currently, you are very likely to find at least one exclusive to a movie that you like.

Pop! Movies

You can find just about every genre of movies in the Movies Fandom line of Pop! Vinyls. If horror is your thing, then you may enjoy the Jason Voorhees or Pennywise exclusives. You prefer animated movies, maybe you’ll want to get one of the several Minion exclusives. Or do you love adventure movies, Funko has a few Lord of the Rings exclusives you may want to be on the lookout for then.

That being said, if movies are your thing and you are in the market for Funko Pop! Exclusives, take a look at the list below.

Funko Pop! Movies Exclusives 76 Sloth Superman SDCC

Funko Pop! Movies 76 Sloth Superman SDCC

The List

On this page you will find a list of the Funko Pop! Disney Exclusives and Limited Editions. The list will include the Pop! name, number, store or website it is exclusive to, or the number of pieces it is limited to. Keep in mind, some of these Pop! will go all with way back to the beginning of the production line creation and may be difficult to find if you are trying to complete a collection.

  • GTID = Glow-In-the-Dark
  • BAM!= Book-A-Million
  • SDCC= San Diego Comic Con
  • ECCC= Emerald City Comic Con

You can sort the columns to group them for your best searching method. Or use the search box at the top. Just begin typing what you are looking for and it will show up at the top of the table.

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Funko Pop! Movies Exclusives List

01Jason Voorhees GITDChase
02Freddy Krueger GITDChase
03Michael Myers GIDChase
04Gizmo Flocked2011 SDCC
05Beetlejuice GITDChase
06Gremlins GITDChase
08Wicked Witch Metallic2011 SDCC
09Winged Monkey Metallic2011 SDCC
10V for Vendetta Metallic2012 SDCC
11Leatherface BloodyChase
12Bilbo Baggins SpiderwebsHot Topic
24Rorschach Bloody2013 SDCC
30Alien Bloody2013 SDCC
31Predator ClearGemini Exclusive
31Predator Bloody2013 SDCC
21Predator Clear with Green SplatterHot Topic
35Carl GITD2013 SDCC
35Carl MustacheEntertainment Earth
35Purple Carl2014 SDCC
36Purple Dave2014 SDCC
36Dave Metallic2013 SDCC
37Evil Minion Metallic2013 SDCC
40Cowardly Lion FlockedGemini Exclusive
46Legolas Greenleaf Blue EyesHot Topic
52Billy GITD Bloody2014 SDCC
56Chucky BloodyHot Topic
61Vincent Vega Bloody2014 SDCC
62Jules Bloody2014 SDCC
71GoGo Yubari BloodEntertainment Earth
76Sloth Superman2014 SDCC
89Robby the Robot TurquoiseGemini Exclusive
89Robby the Robot PurpleChase Gemini Exclusive
100Toothless MetallicHot Topic
100Toothless Racing StripesWalmart
101Optimus Prime MetallicBarnes & Noble
102Bumblebee with Arm Blaster Walmart
108Slimer GITD2014 SDCC
109Stay Puft Marshmellow Man GITD2014 SDCC
109Stay Puft Marshmellow Man Pink2014 SDCC/Fugitive Toys
109Stay Puft Marshmellow Man GITD Pink2014 SDCC/Fugitive Toys
110Optimus Prime with SwordHot Topic
112Frankenstein GITDHot Topic
113The Bride of Frankenstein GITDHot Topic
114The Wolf Man FlockedToy Tokyo
114The Wolf Man GITDNYCC/Toy Tokyo
116Creature from the Black Lagoon MetallicGemini Exclusive
116Creature from the Black Lagoon GITDGemini Exclusive
124Smaug GoldHot Topic
125Hula Minion GITDNYCC
133The Crow GITDHot Topic
153Lo Pan GITDPX
161Skipper Cheesy2015 SDCC
167Au Naturel GITDFYE
171Gone Batty2015 SDCC
187Ted with Remote Flocked2015 SDCC
202Janson Voorhees Unmasked Limite Edition2015 SDCC1008
218Bruce LeeBait Exclusive
219Bruce Lee Yellow SuitBait Exclusive
224Freddy Krueger Syringe HandsHot Topic
235Edith Cushing Limite Edition2015 NYCC
236Dr. Emmett BrownLoot Crate
239Godzilla B&W2015 NYCC/Toy Tokyo
239Godzilla GITD2015 NYCC/Toy Tokyo
239Godzilla BurningGTS
240Shaun BloodyEntertainment Earth
241Ed BloodyEntertainment Earth
245Marty McFly with HoverboardFUN
246Black Night Flesh WoundEntertainment Earth
250Po FlockedEntertainment Earth
259Ed ZombieSupernova
283Alien ID4Chase
283Alien ID4 SilverFYE
315Chucky Bride of ChuckyHot Topic
320Edward Cullen SparkleHot Topic
326Jane of the Volturi Guard Hooded2016 NYCC
331Violet Beauregarde2016 SDCC/Barnes & Noble
335Knives Chau2016 NYCC
336Scott Pilgrim2016 NYCC
344Paul Feig Limited EditionFunko Shop200
354Captain Kirk Survival SuitFYE
359Alex DeLarge MaskedHot Topic
360Pinhead GITDHot Topic
261Jason VoorheesHot Topic
362BeetlejuiceHot Topic
365JarethHot Topic
368William Wallace Blood SplatteredFYE
379Aguilar CrouchingLoot Crate
381Conan the BarbarianPX
381Conan the Barbarian StripedPX
387John Wick BloodyChase
390Michael Corleone Gray SuitFYE
393Major FYE
401RitaHot Topic
402Todd IngramFunko Shop
403Envy AdamsFunko Shop
404Michael Corleone with HatBarnes & Noble
414Taz Space JamChase
419Tourist JerryBest Buy
421Spy Gru WhiteChase
424LuckyToys R Us
427Professor PoopypantsFYE
430Xenomorphy BloodyGame Stop
432Oram Face HuggerHot Topic
439Doghan Dagus Black BagChase
439Doghan Dagus Brown BagChase
444Frodo BagginsChase
444Frodo Baggins InvisibleBarnes & Noble
448Balrog GITD2017 NYCC
449Twilight RingwraithHot Topic
452The GunslingerBarnes & Noble
456Jack Torrance FrozenChase
459Scott Pilgrim Flaming Sword2017 SDCC
460Rixy Richter2017 SDCC
466Norman Bates B&WFYE
470Nega Scott2017 SDCC
471James Gunn Limited Edition2017 SDCC500
473Pennywise with TeethFYE
475PennywiseHot Topic
482PredatorSpecialty Series
484Buddy ElfChase
487NarwhalToys R Us
488Buddy ElfBox Lunch
489Tron GITDChase
490Sark GITDChase
496Parzival ClearHot Topic
497Art3misGame Stop
503Sixer GITDChase Walmart
507Imperator Fuiosa GogglesChase
515Immortan Joe UnmaskedChase
524James Bond Dr. NoToys R Us
525James Bond OctopussyBarnes & Noble
526Odd Job GoldfinderTarget
527Rictus ErectusECCC
532Gollum with FishesChase
534King AragornToys R Us
535Gollum InvisibleBarnes & Noble
536Georgie DenbroughChase
539Beverly MarshChase
543Pennywise with Severed ArmAmazon
544Pennywise with Wrought IronFYE
550Dilophosaurus DocileChase
552Dr. Ian Malcolm SexyTarget
565Lorraine with MaskChase
566Lorraine Chase
571BeastGame Stop
589Owen with Baby BlueTarget
591Tyrannosaurus Rex 10"Target
593James Wan Limited Edition2018 SDCC1000
596Taika Waititi Limited Edition2018 SDCC3000