Funko Pop! Star Wars Exclusives

The Star Wars series by Funko is one of the more popular lines that they produce. That includes the Funko Pop! Star Wars Exclusives too. Spanning from a Darth Vader for the original Star Wars to a Lando Calrissian from the Solo: A Star Wars Story, you are bound to find an exclusive for your collection.


Funko Pop! Star Wars 54 Boushh Leia

Funko Pop! Star Wars 54 Boushh Leia

The List

On this page you will find a list of the Funko Pop! Disney Exclusives and Limited Editions. The list will include the Pop! name, number, store or website it is exclusive to, or the number of pieces it is limited to. Keep in mind, some of these Pop! will go all with way back to the beginning of the production line creation and may be difficult to find if you are trying to complete a collection.

  • GTID = Glow-In-the-Dark
  • SDCC= San Diego Comic Con
  • NYCC= New York Comic Con
  • TLJ= The Last Jedi

You can sort the columns to group them for your best searching method. Or use the search box at the top. Just begin typing what you are looking for and it will show up at the top of the table.

01Darth Vader ChromeHot Topic
02Yoda GITDWalgreens
05Stormtrooper RedTarget
06Flocked Chewbacca2011 San Diego Comic-Con
06 Chewbacca HothGameStop
08 Boba Fett PrototypeWalgreens
13 C-3PO Chrome2015 SDCC / Galactic Con
14Shadow Trooper2011 San Diego Comic-Con
15 Stormtrooper Han Solo2011 Emerald City Comicon
16 Stormtrooper Luke Skywalker2011 Emerald City Comicon
23 Holographic Darth Maul2012 San Diego Comic-Con
24Biggs Darklighter2012 San Diego Comic-Con
25501st Clone Trooper2012 San Diego Comic-Con
26Wicket FlockedFugitive Toys
32 Boba Fett (Droids)2013 San Diego Comic-Con
32Boba Fett (Droids) 2013 Star Wars Celebration Europe
33 Holographic Darth Vader (GITDToy Matrix-Dallas Comic Con
33 Holographic Darth Vader (GITD)Paris Expo
39 Wampa FlockedHot Topic
40 Holographic EmperorToy Wars
41R2-Q52015 Star Wars Celebration / Galactic Con
42 Shock Trooper2015 Star Wars Celebration / Galactic Con
43 Unmasked Vader2015 Star Wars Celebration Early-Release Sticker
44R2-R92015 Star Wars Celebration Exclusive/ Galactic Con
45 R2-B1GameStop
46E-3PO2015 Star Wars Celebration / Galactic Con
47 Han Solo HothGameStop
48 Figrin D'AnGameStop
51 TIE Fighter Pilot Metallic2015 NYCC
54 Princess Leia (Boushh Unmasked)2015 SDCC
55K-3POBarnes & Noble
56 SnowtrooperWalgreens
57 Imperial GuardWalgreens
63 Chewbacca (Flocked)Smuggler's Bounty
64 C-3PO (Metallic)Barnes & Noble
69Blue Snaggletooth Smuggler's Bounty Chase
70 Red SnaggletoothSmuggler's Bounty
71Shadow GuardWalgreens
72 Poe Dameron w/o MaskWalMart
73 Rey with Goggles Hot Topic
74First Order Stormtrooper with GunAmazon
75First Order Stormtrooper with ShieldWalgreens
76 Finn as StormtrooperGamestop
77Kylo Ren w/o HoodTarget
85Finn with LightsaberBarnes & Noble
86Han Solo Snow GearLootCrate
87Unmasked Kylo RenWalMart
88 Nien Numb with HelmetGameStop/EB
89TIE Fighter PilotSmuggler's Bounty
90 Luke Skywalker Ceremony2016 Star Wars Celebration Europe / Galactic Con
90 TIE Fighter Pilot Red StripeSmuggler's Bounty
91Han Solo Ceremony2016 Star Wars Celebration Europe / Galactic Con
91Captain Phasma ChromeSmuggler's Bounty
94Luke Skywalker Bespin Encounter2016 Star Wars Celebration Europe / Galactic Con
95Ree YeesWalgreens
96Kit FistoWalgreens
97Plo KoonWalgreens
98Blue Senate Guard2016 Galactic Convention
99 Ben Kenobi Smuggler's Bounty
100Blood Smear FN-2187Target
102Boba FettSmuggler’s Bounty
103IG-88Smuggler’s Bounty
114Rey LightsaaberWalgreens
115Han Solo w/ Chewie’s Bowcaster2016 SDCC
116Thumbs Up BB-82016 SDCC
117Poe DameronHot Topic
118Goggles Up MazTarget
120Orange Suit Poe DameronFYE
121Skiff R2-D2Smuggler’s Bounty
122ZuckussToy Wars
125Hoth Han Solo with TauntaunSmuggler’s Bounty
128Qui Gon Jinn LE 20002016 NYCC
129General GreviousWalgreens
130Ahsoka TanoHot Topic
133Imperial Disguise ChipperCelebration 2017
148 Jyn ErsoSmuggler’s Bounty
149Imperial Death TrooperSmuggler’s Bounty
150Hooded Jyn ErsoHot Topic
151Captain Cassian AndorTarget
152Imperial Disguise Jyn ErsoTarget
153Saw GerreraWalgreens
154Chrome Imperial Death TrooperWalmart
155Bistan2016 NYCC
156Striped Scarif StormtrooperWalgreens
157Force Choke Darth VaderGame Stop
158Bespin Darth VaderSmuggler’s Bounty
159Grand Moff TarkinSmuggler’s Bounty
161Rey in Finn’s JacketTarget
164Captain RexSmuggler’s Bounty
165Rebels Darth MaulSmuggler’s Bounty
166The InquistorWalmart
167Seventh SisterWalmart
168Fifth BrotherWalmart
169Han SoloCelebration 2017
170Grand Admiral ThrawnCelebration 2017
173MuftakEmerald City Comic Con
175Luke Skywalker w/ Land Speeder Smuggler’s Bounty
176Clone Commander CodyWalgreens
176Darth Vader w/ Tie FighterTarget
177Saw Gerrera w/ Hair2017 NYCC
178Jyn Erso in Disguise2017 NYCC
179K-2SO2017 NYCC
180R5-D4Smuggler’s Bounty
181Phantom Menace C3P0Smuggler’s Bounty
183Bodhi2017 SDCC
184Combat Assault Tank Trooper2017 SDCC
188White Death Star Droid2017 NYCC
195TLJ Flocked Chewbacca w/PorgFYE
198TLJ Mouth Open PorgChase
198TLJ Flocked Porg Open MouthChase Hot Topic
198TLJ Wings Out PorgTarget
207TLJ DJGame Stop
208TLJ Crossed Blades Praetorian GuardWalgreens
209 TLJ Whip Praetorian GuardWalgreens
211TLJ Blue Resistance BB UnitWalmart
212Medical DroidWalgreens
213Boba Fett w/Slave One2017 NYCC
214ROTS Obi Wan KenobiSmuggler’s Bounty
217Aayla SecuraSmuggler’s Bounty
218TLJ Princess LeiaWalmart
219Wedge Antilles SnowspeederWalgreens
227Poe Dameron w/ X-wingSmuggler’s Bounty
229Luke Skywalker and SpeederChase
230Dengar2017 NYCC
231Young Anakin/ Podrace HelmetWalgreens
233Count DookuSmuggler’s Bounty
234Scout Trooper Speeder BikeSmuggler’s Bounty
237Padme Amidala AOTCEmerald City Comic Con
239Flocked ChewbaccaBoxLunch
248MudtrooperFunko Shop
248Han Solo w/GogglesTarget
250Tobia BeckettWalmart
251Lando Calrissian White CapeHot Topic
252Solo Imperial Stormtrooper2018 SDCC
253Dryden Vos - 1 scarFYE
253Dryden Vos - multiple scarsFYE
254Dryden GangsterTarget
255Han SoloWalgreens
262Clone Wars Cad Bane2018 SDCC
Severed Arm Wampa and Hoth Damaged
Luke Skywalker
2014 SDCC
Sandtrooper & Dewback 2 PackWalmart
Jabba’s Palace 3 PackWalmart
Kenner Colorway 3 PackWalmart
Prequels 3 PackWalmart
Princess Leia Holograph w/ R2D22017 SDCC
Lobot/Ugnaught/Bespin Guard 3 PackWalmart
Praetorian Guard 2 PackPopcultcha
Resistance 3 PackCostco
First Order 3 PackCostco
Resistance 4 PackCostco
First Order 4 PackCostco
Death Star 3 PackWalmart
X-Wing Fighter 3 PackWalmart
Gold BB-8 DomeHot Topic
Gold R2-D2 DomeHot Topic
Fighting Droids 2 PackGame Stop