How To Display Your Funko Pop! Figures

Let’s take a look at some of the ways how to display your Funko Pop! figures. Of course, there are many ways to do this and many options out there for you too. Whether you keep the Pop! figure in the box or take them out, you can find some ways to show off your collection.

Case Display

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If you are okay with removing your Funko Pop! figures from the box, some display cases may be a very good option for you to put them on display. The Studio Decor Baseball Bat Display Case from Michaels is a great way to store and show your Pop! figures. The case is tall enough to fit most Pop! out of the box. A few of the taller ones may not fit though.

These cases are in a flat black finish with a glass front door. The DIYer could even paint them another color or design to personalize them to their decor or theme with the Pop! they will put inside.

Depending on the Pop! that you put inside of the case, it can hold 12 to 15 of them. Of course, some run a little taller or wider than others so you may need to do some testing to see how they will fit in the case best.

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Another positive feature for using this display case for your Pop! is that they will still be protected from the elements. Just the elements in your house or apartment, but they will still be protected. They may be out of their box but you will not have to dust them or worry about them falling off of a shelf.


Another great way to showcase your Pop! figures is with Floating Wall Shelves. These types of shelves are nice because you don’t see any of the hardware used to hang them up. You use wall anchors and the hardware included to mount them to the wall. The shelves themselves will cover up the hardware giving you a very clean shelving look without any braces or brackets exposed that hold them in place.

One important thing to keep in mind with these floating shelves is that they are not designed to hold a lot of weight. But if you are just using them to display Pop! figures, you should not have any worries about them being able to support their weight.

No matter how you like to display your Pop! figures, in the box or out, these shelves are a good option. If you are one to take yours out of the box, a good way to showcase them is with the box behind them and the contents facing out. They will be blocked by the figures some but they are a good reference when needed.

I have them in a white finish but have also seen them in black, espresso and a real wood look. You can also purchase them at many different stores including Lowes, Home Depot and Target. I bought mine from Lowes and have two that are 23.5 inches long and one that is 47.5 inches long. Target has shelves listed at 6, 23 and 35 inches. Plenty of variety to give you some options with your decor needs.

Other Wall Shelves

If you aren’t in the market or mood for just a plain flat wall shelf, many of those same stores I mentioned above have some mainstream shelving options available as well. Browsing through the Target website, I found several other styles of wall shelves that could liven up a room and still give you a great way to show off your Pop! figures. Many of them are simplistic but you can also find some bold ones if that is your style and need for your room.

Let’s take a look at a few of the options and see if something may fit your style.

This Cantilever Wall Shelf will display your Funko Pop! if they are still in the box or if you like to take them out. You will not be able to place too many on this shelving, but you can definitely display a small series on them. Places a couple of these in a room and you will have a very good-looking show of Pop! figures out for everyone to see.

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Similar to the shelving above, this Hearth & Hand version gives you more room to display your Pop! This natural wood finish wall shelving will match just about any existing room decor as well. The non-geometric design will bring your display plenty of attention. The Target website says that it can hold up to 10 lbs of weight. That would be a lot of Pop! figures to put any stress on this shelving.

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One more style of wall shelving is this interlocking system by Threshold. This options give you a more geometrical design to those who need more structure in their decor. This set is made up of five interlocking shelves that have no visible connectors or hanging hardware once it is assembled and hung. These shelves can hold up to twenty-four pounds giving you many options to display your Funko Pop!

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The Wall Options

In this post we looked only at some wall shelving options to showcase your Funko Pop! figures. And only a few wall shelves. There are many more options out there to hopefully match your style and room decor. And many other stores and websites to browse through to find the fit for you.

In future posts we will take a look at other options you can explore to display your Pop!

How do you display your Pop! figures? Do you keep them in the box or take them out? Do you have any special shelving or just pile them up on your dresser? Please share with everyone in the comments below to help others who may be looking for more ideas as well.

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