Just about every Funko Pop! collector is interested in protecting the figures they have spend hard time and money hunting. Sometimes it can take a lot of time and maybe a little extra money to find those illusive and exclusive Pop! In this article we will look at ways on how to protect your Funko Pop! figures that you want to put on display for everyone to see and appreciate.

In Or Out Of The Box

Depending on the type of collector that you are and depending on the type of Pop! you collect, taking them out of the box or leaving them in the box can be a touchy subject. Some of the purists would say no matter what the Pop! is, it should never be taken out of the box.  And others would say that it doesn’t matter as much unless they are an exclusive or one of the more rare Pop! that Funko puts out.

No matter what your style of collecting and displaying is, their are some options for you to pick from to show off your Pop! but also protect them from the elements, kids, pets and friends. Because, what is the use in hunting for your favorite Pop! if you have to store it away to keep it protected.

In The Box

Perhaps you found one of the very rare Pop! that only had 3000 pieces or less made. Or maybe you hunt for all of the exclusives that you can find. Either way, leaving these Pop! in the box and keeping the box in excellent if not mint condition is essential. Mostly just out of pride that you were able to hunt the Pop! down and now have it. Others because they know one day they will want to sell it to another collector and make some money off of it.

Funko Pop! Acid-Free Plastic Protector Case

Plastic Protector Case

For the Pop! that may not be as prized as others but you still want to protect, a soft plastic case might be the option for you. These are a more flexible plastic case and not as expensive as the hard cases. They will protect the Pop! box from normal handling to view the box and Pop! inside, but they may not protect the box from a fall. Check out these lot of 20 Funko Pop! Acid-Free Plastic Protector Cases from Amazon.

Funko Pop! Stacks Hard Plastic Protector Case

Hard Plastic Case

But for those more rare Funko Pop! you may need something more hardy and sturdy to protect your figures. In that case you will want this Funko Pop! Stacks Hard Plastic Protector Case. These are designed to hold a regular size Pop! and not the 6″ or 10″ figures.

Out Of The Box

Now, if you don’t mind and like to remove your Funko Pop! from the box but don’t want to leave them just laying around on a shelf to get dusty, you have a few options as well. One is these

Funko Pop! Out of Box Display Case

Vinyl Figure Display Case

Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure Display Case for out of the box figures. You can buy them in a lot of 5 or 20, depending on your needs. These cases are a thin plastic but are sturdy enough to stack boxes on top of each other for you display needs. They also have an attractive, metallic base in the bottom of the box to stand your Pop! upon.

One more out of the box display option you may want to try is an actual display case. Cases come in all shapes, sizes and materials for your needs and desires.

T Case Stage

T Case Stage

The T Case Stage Basic Black by Wave is a smaller style of display case that will look nice on a desk or shelf even. This case can hold up to six normal size Pop! figures. The shelves are adjustable, so you can get the perfect fit for the Pop! you want to put on display. Perhaps you have a complete series that you would like to show off.

More To Come

The ideas about are just a few ways of how to protect your Funko Pop! figures. In future articles we will explore some additional ways to protect them. We also talked about ways to display your Pop! recently in another article without the focus on protecting them in or out of the box as in this one. What are ways you like to display yours while still protecting the box or just the Pop!

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