Funko Pop Love

I don’t recall now the first time I saw a Funko Pop figure. I’m not sure if it was in a store or online. And I definitely don’t remember which figure it was that I saw, but I do remember thinking that these are really cool. What a great way to show your support and passion for something. And they are pretty darn cute too!

Self Control

What I did know right away was if I bought one, I would want many more. Who can have just one? It’s impossible! They are so cool looking and of course need to have friends with them. You can’t have just one Ninja Turtle. That’s not right to the others. Or that one.

A bit of self-control was going to be put in place from the start. And I did really good for a fairly long time as well. I would look and look and look at them but refused to buy any and get the addiction started. Sometimes I would make plans to start with this series or that one but never would breakdown and do it. I knew better.

The Start

Dr. Emmett Brown Loot Crate Exclusive Funko Pop

Funko Pop Exclusive Loot Crate

My first Funko Pop I got, I didn’t even buy. Well, technically I did buy it. I just didn’t pick it out myself. The first one was in a Loot Crate after my kids talked me into giving it a try. We did Loot Crate for about two years and got several Funko Pops from it. I only kept that first one and the others the kids would end up taking. That first one was a Pop Movies Loot Crate Exclusive Dr. Emmett Brown #236. Of course, I wanted the Marty McFly also, but I never did go on the search for him.

Even after that I was able to refrain from buying any on my own for a little while. Again, I knew not to get it started or I would want too many. Even to this day, I have been able to maintain some self-control and not have an entire wall of my house lined with them. But that doesn’t mean I still do not love them and appreciate all Funko does with them.

My Collection

My collection of Funko Pops is not that grand. I have about twenty. Some I have bought and some I have acquired from subscription boxes. I’ll detail my collection in later posts and give some insight into why I have what I do have.

Although my collection is rather small compared to some, or many, I still have a great appreciation for them. I’m always looking at them at the stores in the local mall that carry them and following Funko online to see what is new. And of course, on the lookout for those store exclusive ones.

The Vision

The idea behind creating is to build, as best I can, a place for people to come to and see what exclusives are out there and where they can get them. Some might be exclusive to Cons and events that may not have a place to buy them online though. I will do my best to provide a place to get as many of them as I can.

I look forward to building this out more and providing great content for everyone who visits. I truly have a great appreciation for what Funko has created and want to share that love with as many others as I can.

Take care.

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